Dodson Lumber is the sole distributor for Roseburg Forest Product’s Engineered Wood Products (EWP) in New Mexico and West Texas. We carry a full line of I-Joists, LVLs, Rimboard, and associated Simpson Strong-Tie® connectors. We are also the sole distributor for TrimJoist’s open web floor system, Armadillo Composite Decking and accessories, Collins Co. TruWood siding and trim, and we handle most of the Stimson Lumber Company product line. We stock speciality lumber floorings, speciality lumber paneling, sanded softwood and hardwood plywood, treated lumber, redwood, and cedar. Download a complete listing of our commonly stocked products (PDF).

Dodson Lumber is a wholesale distributor. We sell to retail lumber yards only.


Did you know?

If the energy required to manufacture a four pound block of wood had been used to make aluminum, the resulting piece would weigh one ounce.

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