Sales Team

We employ five salesmen, with a combined 100 years plus experience in the lumber industry, selling our products. We do not employ outside salesmen and do the majority of our business by phone. Each salesman is responsible for his own customer and we strongly emphasize relationship business. We have many customers that have been doing business with us for over twenty years and trust us to deliver the right product on time and in full.

EWP Specialst

We employ a full time EWP specialist who draws and designs floor systems (example drawing) using Auto-CAD. He also provides single member beam sizing (certified KeyBeam® designer) and works directly with job-site contractors. Currently we are the only distributor in the region that offers full color 24×36 layouts of placement plans. Our specialty is the high-end (4,000 sq. ft. plus) housing market. A large number of our customers count on us for this service and we specify which products they use on the plan.


We have our own fleet of seven late-model Peterbuilt trucks and trailers. We deliver almost all of our own lumber and have an excellent reputation for fast and dependable service. Each truck delivers daily to a different area market, usually within a 250 mile radius. Our trucks normally make multiple stops in a delivery day.

Our typical delivery area includes AZ, CO, NM, TX, and OK.

Special Orders

We stock and sell a wide variety of specialty items such as cedar timbers, cedar sidings, redwood, yellow pine and oak flooring, surveyor stakes, douglas fir timbers, vigas, upper grade ponderosa and sugar pine, oak timbers, and many other hard to find items. We have no minimum order and we will gladly make up the order to your customer’s specifications.

Our philosophy at Dodson Lumber is that if it can be made, we will find it! If you need something that is not on our list, just ask us about it and we will try to find it for you.